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We have logistics warehouses and shipping warehouse, totally covering a area of 12,000 square meters and also 12 container trucks, to meet all the needs of different requirement.

Located in the largest logistics park in Shanghai – Shanghai Baowan international logistics center, The 6,000 square meter logistics warehouse is one of the most modern warehouse, and also the first environmental protection Logistics Park in China. It has full and advanced facilities with the CCTV monitoring, automatic sprinkler, and imported automatic loading platform, all of which have fully improved the loading and unloading process, and its working efficiency so as to adapt the fast-paced operations. Also with its advanced computer systems and well-trained employees, it could support the shelves of 4-6 in the 12 meters height elevated storeroom according to customer requirements and provide best services.

Shipping warehouse is located near the Waigaoqiao 5, with 6000 square meters standard warehouse. It has a 45-ton forklift, and a 15-ton forklift, which could carry out occasional drop-box and bulky crates exception of the main operating container loaded devanning business, whose business is 1000 TEU per month. Furthermore, it has became the well-known domestic brand cars packed logistics base, such as Geely, Chang'an Benben, Zhi-xiang, and Jianghuai Pickup.

Outstanding services the warehouse provided has attracted the world rankings international logistics companies, including DHL, the United States GLOBE, CDS (the U.S. Federal Express shipping agent), and other famous domestic large enterprises Zhejiang Sifang Group, Geely Automobile, and Gillette, Standard fiber.

Logistic Warehouse Address: No.12, 388, Tieli Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai Baowan International Logistic Center
Telephone contact: 33794275、33791347、33971345            Fax: 33791543、33791346
Shipping Warehouse Address: 27, Miaoche Road, Pudong District, Shanghai
Telephone contact: 68726505、68726506、68726507            Fax: 68726508